Understanding The Difference Between CBD And THC

With the growing popularity of CBD there are many people that are interested in what it can do to improve their quality of life. There are also a number of popular misconceptions about its effects and what it contains. Understanding exactly what the difference is between CBD and THC will help you to determine whether or not it is something that you would like to use to improve your life.

The biggest misconception is that CBD can cause you to become high as you would if you were to smoke marijuanna. This simply is not the case. The component of marijuanna that causes intoxicating effects is the THC. CBD oils, creams and other products have been processed in a manner to ensure that there are very minimal amounts of THC, if there are any at all. The amounts are what you would consider trace amounts. There is no way to become high when using a high quality CBD product.

CBD itself does not have the ability the cause any form of intoxication from its use. It does, however, have the ability to affect the human body in a number of other ways. This is why it has become so popular amoung people facing a wide variety of illnesses and conditions. It is increasingly becoming known as nature’s medicine simply due to how effective it is at treating so many unrelated conditions.

One of its most popular uses is to treat pain and inflammation. It can help to relieve pain that is caused by a wide variety of conditions. This includes injury, arthritis and muscle aches. It does this by attaching itself to the neurons in the brain that lead to sensing pain. It also reduces inflammation in the body, which naturally reduces pain as well.

Another popular use is to address depression and anxiety. Those that suffer from these conditions report a significant reduction in symptoms related to their condition. Many find it to be far better than prescription medications at treating their condition and appreciate the fact that there are little to no symptoms related to its use.

Some devastating conditions that CBD has been found to be useful in treating include seizures and Parkinsons. While it is not exactly clear how it works to relieve symptoms there are countless testimonies from those that suffer from these conditions as well as family members that have watched their loved ones suffer for years. In fact, the impact is so significant that many people move to states where it is legal so that they can use it and have the peace of mind that they are not breaking the law.

If you have concerns that the use of CBD will lead to you or a loved one getting high, there is no reason to worry. THC is the component of marijuanna that causes that effect and is so minimal in CBD that it simply is not of concern. If you suffer from a health issue that you think could be helped with the use of CBD you can rest assured that you will not be at risk of becoming intoxicated from its use.